This is a book by people who know the cairns in the deepest sense. It is both informative and reverent. An indispensable source of information about one of the greatest monuments in Ireland’s ancient sacred landscape.’
– Mary McEvoy, Actor & Author

‘Loughcrew Cairns: Sliabh na Caillí– A Visitor’s Guide’ is a new guidebook to one of County Meath’s premier heritage sites.  In the Foreword  Manchán Magan, travel writer and documentary-maker, describes it as ‘a guide to help explain the elements of our wisdom and culture that we have left in the landscape’. The authors – some of whom have worked as OPW guides on the site – hope that their work will enhance the experience of some of the thousands of visitors to the site each year.

Reviewing the new guide historian and broadcaster Myles Dungan described it as ‘A comprehensive and excellent guide to one of Ireland’s hidden treasures,’ and Noel French, Chairperson of Boyne Valley Tourism said it was a ‘magical special book, about a magical special place’.

The book takes the reader through the building of the megalithic monuments which lie across the four north Meath hills of Sliabh na Cailli, provides insight into the rock art, speculates about some of the possible meaning of their construction and also gives a brief overview of some of the flora and fauna to be found there.

The Loughcrew Complex forms part of Ireland’s Ancient East and the book also contains an invaluable guide to the panorama which can be seen from the top of Carnbane East – over 18 counties ‘on a clear day’. There is a chapter on other places and sites of interest nearby as well as contributions from artists who live locally on the impact such a landscape has on their work.

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